Who are these sessions for? 

These sessions are for you if you have experienced some kind of trauma, emotional or physical, that has stopped you in your tracks and is preventing you from engaging in life. 

Why you would want it? 

This is for you if you are fed up with feeling pain, stress and not being able to focus

And you want to lower you stress levels, reduce your pain and refocus yourself so that you can engage in life, work, pastimes, relationships more effectively

What Will you get out of it?

Clients often report a feeling of great relief and lightness, which continues to work at subtle levels in the body over a number of days.

This can have profound effects on your energy levels, immune system, pain, emotional states and general well being resulting in reduced pain, clear headed and full of energy to function back in life again. 


It’s time to get back in control of your life! 

If you are fed up living with pain or trauma (physical or emotional) then contact me now to book your Kinesiology session. Get your energy back. Feel focused and grounded and start embracing life again.

Clinic Hours

Monday Friday | 9.00am - 5.00pm 

Saturday | By Appointment  

Early evening | By Appointment  

Sunday | Closed

My clinic is located in Elwood. There is ample free street parking. It is close to Acland St (St. Kilda) trams and Barkly Street buses.

Call me on 0404 808 592 or email me by filling in the online contact form below.

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